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Catering and hotel

Apply as a bartender, waiter, cook, chef, service employee or kitchen assistant. Are you a caretaker or masseur – lots of skills are needed in a hotel. We refer you to suitable restaurants and hotels.


Construction work

Apply as a construction worker, carpenter, bricklayer or specialist in pondbuilding. We will refer you to the right companies that are looking for reliable staff on their construction sites.


24/7 home care

Are you looking for a job as a round-the-clock carer for people in need of care? Register and we will put you in touch with suitable positions. Solid knowledge of German language is a prerequisite.

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Instead of applying for individual jobs, register in our network and we will refer you to various companies from home care to fancy hotel bars in Austria and Germany. We pass your preferences and application documents on to companies looking for your skills and they will contact you directly by phone or email.


By registering via the application form, you are taking the first step towards a seasonal or permanent position in one of our partner companies. Simply fill out the form, state your preferred job, submit it and the job offers will come to you.


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