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We provide the right workers for your construction site – from civil engineering to masonry, carpentry work, or pond construction. Contact us to find the right construction workers for your company or construction project as quickly as possible.

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Are you looking for skilled construction workers who have completed their vocational training as bricklayers or carpenters or for similarly skilled craftsmen?  Do you require workers for civil engineering/conduit construction, high and shelf construction, garden, and pond construction? Is a sense of teamwork and reliability important to you? Then do contact us today!
We will provide you with the right workers for your construction sites throughout Austria as soon as possible.
A successful team is a basic requirement for every construction project – people who work well together can create great things. Flex can help you establish that very team.

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Contact us to find reliable construction workers for your company. Simply register using the form below, telling us what kind of construction workers you are looking for. Flex will provide you with suitable candidates who you can contact directly. There is a one-time-only placement fee that depends on the type of job as well as the qualification of the applicant. If a contract is concluded, the terms and conditions are left up to you and the employee since the placement is done privately and without an agency.

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On-Site Teamwork

In any construction project, the interaction of the people working there is enormously important. Speed, as well as the accuracy of progress, depend on how well the team collaborates. Clear communication is important to avoid time-consuming or costly mistakes. Workers must be able to rely on each other – especially during high-risk or strenuous jobs. In addition, a good atmosphere on the construction site boosts morale and motivation. That’s why we look for communication and teamwork skills as well as reliability in our applicants. Thus your construction project has the best prerequisites for a successful implementation!


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